Classic Auto Roulette 1 from Mr Green – your How To Play Guide

Classic Auto Roulette 1 from Mr Green – your How To Play Guide

Learn how to play Classic Auto Roulette from Mr. Green

This Auto Roulette room from Mr Green is one of 8 Automated Roulette games that they offer. There is no Live Dealer. Instead it uses a computer to spin the wheel automatically for you.

I’ll be honest. I think the reason that this table, and its sister table (the imaginatively named “Classic Auto Roulette 2” tables are in the Mr green suite of Roulette games is purely for volume. I mean look at the screenshot. The Roulette table doesnt even fill the screen. Its the perfect of “Classic” meaning “old”. With so many better looking and behaving tables at Mr Green, you would only play this if you were scared of innovation.

Auto Roulette

Gameplay and wagering requirements

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The format is simple. The virtual croupier will place a ball into a spinning wheel. You have shortly until the wheel stops to place your chips on where you think the ball will stop. If you are correct then you win a multiple of your winning stake depending on the bet you placed. Betting on a binary outcome (Red or Black etc), will pay you 1 chip for each chip you bet. Betting on other outcomes will pay much more. The most you can win is by guessing the correct number outright. This will pay you 35x your winning chip.

The chip values at this table start at 20p which is accessible to all. You can place as many bets as you like per round, but remember that you only get paid out on a winning chip.

Available stats and data

The screen also shows different stats for you to use. These stats include showing “Hot” and “Cold” numbers. These are numbers that are either landing a lot, or not at all. You can also see the percentages of where the ball has landed. These percentages include if the ball has finished on a Red or Black number, Odd or Even, and more areas of the table.

If you hover your mouse over the playing table, a little explanation box will appear. This box will tell you the kind of bet that you can place in that area. The number of types of bets you can place is surprising! This is a really handy feature if you are unsure as to what certain parts of the table do.

Get a better understanding of the probability of the win by using these, and remember that you don’t have to bet on every round.

All in all, why would you bother? There are another 35 Live Dealer tables at Mr Green, and every single one of them is better than this offering. its like its been programmed in the 1980s (It probably was to be honest!)

If you think this is the kind of table that you would like to play at,then just click here to play at Mr Green. If you are a new player you may be entitled to a New Player Bonus as well.

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