Live Arabic Roulette – your How To Play guide

Arabic Roulette – a bespoke offering by LiveRoulette

Live Arabic Roulette – I never knew until I did a little Google-Fu just how popular Roulette is in the Middle East. Although Islam forbids gambling, it would appear that the message is softening. With this in mind has opened a table that is specifically for Arabic visitors to the site.

As you would expect, this table operates in exactly the same way as all other Live Dealer tables. One live dealer operates the wheel, and multiple camera angles move between focussing on the wheel and the croupier. The background is subtly furnished in a more Middle Eastern styling with softer lighting, patterned backgrounds and drapes for effect. The croupier also exclusively speaks in Arabic.

Play Live Arabic Roulette

Wagering and Gameplay

Wagering on this table starts at £1 per chip, possibly reflecting the perceived wealth that some Arabic Countries. When I played though, there weren’t many people in the room and the chat function wasnt busy. That may be down to the time I was playing. Most of the Middle East is three hours ahead of me.

The main table view doesnt show the previous history of the spins, or the hot and cold numbers. To access these you need to click on the “Camera” icon to change the view to an overhead one. Using this view will let you see more information which will help you decide where to place your chips.

Roulette for Arabs

As is usual with all LiveRoulette tables, you can mouse over certain sections of the table. This will open up boxes explaining particular bets. One thing I found unusual was that all these boxes had English writing in. I was expecting them to have been translated into Arabic.

So, in conclusion – this table is just a normal Live Roulette Table designed specifically for Arabic speakers. If you fancy trying Live Arabic Roulette then simply click here to sign up and get started. if you would like to see what other tables have, then click here to go to our main table hub.

As the say in Arabic – hza saeidaan (Good Luck!)