Live VIP Auto Roulette from Mr Green – your How To Play guide

Live VIP Auto Roulette from Mr Green – your How To Play guide

Learn everything there is to know about Live VIP Auto Roulette

Mr Green Live VIP Auto Roulette – so good they named the room after themselves…

I’m only kidding of course. Bearing in mind that Mr Green has 34 Live Roulette tables in its portfolio of games its more probably that it just ran out of names. This is one of 8 Auto Roulette tables they have. Auto Roulette tables dont have a Live Dealer, instead relying on a virtual Croupier.

As this is a VIP room, you would expect the chip values to be higher than normal. And you’d be wrong. The minimum chip value for this table is 50p, Which is average for all Mr Green Roulette Rooms. Nearly all their rooms start with a chip value of either 50p or £1, so I think the term VIP is literally just for naming purposes.

VIP Auto Roulette

The table itself is as you would expect. The wheel is front and centre of the screen, with the betting areas all clearly laid out. Unusually, and happily, the game history is also displayed on the main screen. Usually its hidden away in a Tab at the top or side of the screen. This really helps you to decide where to place your chips. There are also two other wheels happily spinning away in the background. They don’t seem to do anything amazing – in fact i found them a distraction.

There is also an option to save your favourite bet, which is handy if (like me) you prefer to play the same combination of chips each round.

VIP Auto Roulette

Wagering and Gameplay

As mentioned above, the minimum wager for the Live VIP Auto Roulette table is 50p per chip. This is a table aimed at all players but those of us on a more modest playing bankroll might prefer another room. – Mr. Green Auto Roulette table starts with a chip value of just 10p for example.

Oddly for what purports to be a VIP room, the maximum chip value is £250. Whilst that is (in my mind) a crazy amount to play per chip, you have to bear in mind that some rooms have a maximum chip value of £100,000. Which is mind blowing really.

All in all, the Live VIP Auto Roulette table, despite not having a live dealer, or being especially VIP seems like a popular table. Its probably a good transition table to play at if you have previously played Roulette in a bookies or arcade. The familiarity of the layout will instantly make feel more comfortable before they check out the other rooms to play on.

If you think that this table is for you then why not click here to play on it. if you would prefer to see what other tables are available at Mr Green, then simply click here to visit our main Roulette table hub for Mr Green