Victoria Casino London Roulette from Grosvenor Casino – your How To Play guide

Victoria Casino London Roulette from Grosvenor Casino – your How To Play guide

Learn how to play Live Online Roulette from a World Famous London Casino from your own home

Ah, Victoria Casino London. I actually prefer playing roulette in a Real Casino. There is something about the sight and sound of a busy casino that really clicks with me. Whether I am on my own or with friends its just something I really enjoy. Sometimes though I just cant get to a Casino.

This is obviously Not A Problem. There are hundreds of Online Casinos on the Internet, and most of them have some provision for playing Live Casino games. Live Online Roulette is one of those options, but if you have played online casino games before of any kind, then you might have noticed something about them.

Most of them are all being played in the same place.

If you don’t believe me have a look at some of the pictures in my other reviews. Notice that no matter which Casino you go to, have you noticed that the background is often the same? That’s because the provider of these games is streaming them out to the Casino you are at. And all the others too. it doesn’t matter at which casino you are playing Lightning Roulette at for example, its all coming from the one table and beamed into the Casino that you are signed up to.

What have Grosvenor Casino done differently?

Grosvenor Casino have excelled having their own suite of Live Dealer Casino games. I only cover Roulette, but they have some other excellent Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker games too. You should check them out some time.

Anyway – As I was saying, Grosvenor do their own Live Dealer Roulette tables, and I prefer them to any of the others out there. If you havent seen the excellent Grosvenor Roulette room you really should. Its the best out there by a mile. However, following on the heels of that room is this one. The Victoria Casino room. This room is actually hosted in the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in Edgeware Road, London.

Live Dealer Roulette London

Why do Grosvenor Live Rooms feel different to other Live Rooms?

As you can see from the picture higher up the page, a camera has been placed above one of the tables. This allows you to actually play at a table with other people as if you were there yourself. Its a nice trick, as it makes you feel more involved.

Play live Roulette online

Another camera is placed near the wheel so that you can see the ball being spun. At least four different camera angles cover the table so that you can get the best experience available. These lead to a couple of nice touches. The Roulette wheel itself changes colour when a game is Live. When you can place a bet the wheel is either Blue. When the ball is spinning the Wheel turns Red. Nice and visual. Just how I like it!

The other thing I like is that because the cameras are fixed and focussing purely on the wheel and the table, that anything in the background is a blur. This includes players and Croupiers at other tables. This give the scenario an almost film like feel to it and somehow it feels like its involving me more. Its small details like this that I really like.

You should definitely have a look just to see if you agree with what I’m saying!

If you do fancy your chances playing at a real casino from the comfort of your home then why not click here to visit Grosvenor Casino? If you are a new player they will probably have a little Welcome Offer to that you might want to take advantage of.

Or if you’d prefer to have a look at the other Roulette games that Grosvenor have available then just click here to go to our main Grosvenor Casino hub page.

Happy gaming!