VIP Auto Roulette from Unibet – your How To Play guide

VIP Auto Roulette from Unibet – your How To Play guide

Learn everything there is to know about Live VIP Auto Roulette

When is a Live VIP Auto Roulette room not a Live VIP Auto Roulette room? Answer, when its this offering from

By definition, putting the letter “VIP” into anything, makes you think that there is something special going on. In Online Roulette, it usually means that it’s a room for High Rollers; the minimum chip value will be higher. But this room has neither of those, and when you look at some of the other fantastic tables that offer, such as Live Lightning Roulette, you have to wonder who even plays in this room.

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But having said that, its obvious that lots of people do play here. Indeed, when I was reviewing this table each spin had 40-50 winners. Maybe its because the layout is familiar. It certainly looks just like the Roulette games that you would find in a High Street bookies. No frills, no dealer – just watching the ball go round. Maybe people just feel more comfortable with this – and who am I to say they are wrong? if it works for them then it could well work for you too.

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Wagering and Gameplay

The minimum wager for the Live VIP Auto Roulette table is £1 per chip, which seems about right for a VIP table. Its the same as most entry level Roulette tables in an offline casino. As with all Live Roulette table games there is a choice of two views (both can be seen above). If you are unsure where to place your chips, you can hover your mouse over the table. When you do this a pop up box will tell you how what he bet is and how to wager.

There is also a handy little stats visual that will tell you the tables spin history, with a list of Hot and Cold numbers. These stats can help you decide which numbers to place your chips on.

All in all, the Live VIP Auto Roulette table, despite not having a live dealer, or being especially VIP seems like a popular table. Its probably a good transition table to play at if you have previously played Roulette in a bookies or arcade. The familiarity of the layout will instantly make feel more comfortable before they check out the other rooms to play on.

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