Grand Roulette Live from Genting Casino – your How To Play guide

Grand Roulette Live from Genting Casino – your How To Play guide

Live Roulette from Genting Casino – your How To Play guide

Learn how to play this excellent Live Roulette Table from Genting Casino

The Live Roulette Table in the Genting Casino suite of games is the third table that they offer. This table is a traditional game of Live Roulette, where the action concentrates on placing bets and watching the wheel.

To play you need to use your judgement to predict which number the ball will land on. If you correctly guess the number then you win a multiplier of the bet that you made. The more chips that you place, the higher the win will be.

As with all Roulette games, there are a variety of different bets that can be placed. The most popular wagers are placed on a specific number as this gives the highest payout. However, there are many more ways to wager that give you a better chance to win for a lower payout. For all the different bets that you can make, check out our guide on How To Play Online Roulette. Remember that on each round you can place as many different types of bets as you like.

Live roulette

This table caters for more traditional players who would normally play Roulette in a casino. The interaction with the Chat Room is minimal from the Croupier and there are no computer graphics to liven up the game. This is a serious players room!

Wagering limits

Chip values at this table start at 20p which makes this one of the cheapest tables to play at.. You can change your chip value to any amount up to £500 per chip. This is the lowest maximum chip value across all the tables I have reviewed. It would appear that Genting are concentrating on making sure their players enjoy themselves. And with over 50 years running Casinos all over the world, I trust them with how they run things.

As with other tables, icons on the screens help guide you if you are unsure of which bet to place. There is also the ability to see previous winning numbers and stats to help you decide your strategy. Mousing over certain areas of the gaming board will explain the different types of bets in more detail too. However I found that the text didn’t stay on the screen for very long. As such, if you are new to Online Roulette, dont be afraid to miss a few rounds to get yourself up to speed.

best Roulette bonus

Overall, this is a standard Online Roulette offering. The chip value limits allow everyone to play, whether you are new to the game or not. High Rollers might prefer a table with higher limits, but this is probably the best table for beginners.

If you would like to play at the Live Roulette Table offered by Genting Casino then click here to go to the site. If you would prefer to see what other tables are available at Genting Casino, then simply click here to go the Genting Casino main table hub on this site.