Speed Roulette from 32Red.com – your How To Play guide

Speed Roulette from 32Red.com – your How To Play guide

Speed Roulette – learn how to play this fast paced version of Online Roulette from 32Red.com

So, Speed Roulette – what is it? If you find that playing normal Online Live Roulette is a little slow for you, then why not try this table? This table plays the same way as normal roulette, but the spin time is shorter. Of course,this speeds up the game, allowing you to play more games in a shorter space of time.

With this in mind, the Table is stripped bare of any bells and whistles. The camera focusses almost exclusively on the spinning wheel and the games come thick and fast. This means you have to place your bets quickly! As such this table is probably the one where you simply repeat your bet each time.

Happily there is a button for that. On the bottom right hand side is a star shaped icon. Clicking on this allows you to set your preferred bet. Each time the game starts you can click this and your chips will be placed automatically. In other words, its a really useful tool to use.

Speed Roulette

Chip Values and General Tips

The minimum chip value in this game is 50p, stretching up all the way to a mighty £10000. To play, simply decide which number the ball will land on and then place your chips accordingly. There are many different ways that you can place your chips to maximise your chances of winning. As with other Online Roulette tables you can “mouseover” the screen. This will bring up the different betting options. As this is Speed Roulette you dont get much time to read these and place your bets! If you like it fast and furious, then this table is for you! However, if you prefer to read the instructions on the screen before placing your wager, then there are better tables for you to play on. This table is fast!

play Speed Roulette online

Live Online Speed Roulette is a game for more experienced players who like to repeat their bet. If this is your kind of Roulette game then click here to play. Or if you prefer you can click here to 32Red.com main table hub. This will guide you through all the different Live Online Roulette tables that they offer.

Happy Gaming!