Salon Prive from Genting Casino – your How To Play guide

Salon Prive from Genting Casino – your How To Play guide

Learn how to play Salon Prive from Genting Casino

If you’re a High Roller then this is where you belong. Salon Prive, as its name translates from French means “Private Room”. Which is exactly what this offering from Genting is – play on your own at your own pace. Its only you and the dealer, so you can play the way that you want.

Sounds good yes? Well, it is. Sometimes its nice to escape all the noise and chatter and just concentrate on the game. However, there are a few caveats attached to entering into one of these rooms.

The first is that each Brand that I have reviewed only has one Salon Prive table open at any time. So if someone else is using it, then you’re out of luck – you’ll have to wait until they have finished.

High Rollers only

The second is that each Salon Prive room has a minimum chip value. In the case of Genting Casino, this level is a hefty £100 per chip. The maximum is an incredible £10000 (yes Ten Thousand) per chip.

And thirdly, and most crucially, you have to have a minimum value in your gaming wallet. I’ve no idea what this is, but if the maximum chip value is £10,000, then it would have to be least that!

Play Salon Prive

Sadly, I am not a High Roller. As such I couldnt even access the room to get screen shots. This left me feeling a little bit like Wayne Campbell in Waynes World. Peering through the window with my virtual nose pressed up against the virtual glass hoping one day to buy that exclusive guitar.

As I couldn’t access the room to take any screenshots, I thought I’d put a picture of a kitten up. They’re meant to reduce stress arent they. The kind of stress that you would get if you put £10,000 on Red and it came up Black….

So until that day I win the lottery or sign a professional football contract, I’ll be no wiser about what happens inside a Salon Prive Room.

However, if you are one of the many players who obviously do play in these rooms, please let me know what its like! I’d love to know!

If you have the cojones to play Salon Prive at Genting Casino then just click here to visit the room. If you are like me, and think it might be a bit out of your league for now, then just click here to see what other tables Genting Casino have.