Live Deutsches Roulette from Mr Green – your How To Play guide

Live Deutsches Roulette from Mr Green – your How To Play guide

Deutsches Roulette Live – a Live Online Roulette gaming table aimed at German speaking players

Live Deutsches Roulette is a Mr Green Roulette table for German speaking players. Online Roulette is not available in Germany as they do not have licensed online casinos. German players have to go to a traditional offline casino or go online and visit an overseas brand.

Because of this, many Online Roulette operators have set up dedicated rooms for German speaking players. This is one of them. The room itself is clearly set out with a single croupier working the wheel.

German Live Roulette

Wagering and Gameplay

The minimum chip value for this room is 50p. You can place as many bets in as many permutations as you like per spin. However, remember that each bet will cost you 50p, so placing a combination of bets will cost you more than that.

This table is clearly laid out – there are multiple cameras that divide their time between the wheel and the croupier. There is also a chat room facility (which oddly, is in English). The room quite busy when I visited, with around 30 – 50 winners on each spin.

You can place a chip by clicking on the table. Multiple clicks will place more chips. If you are unsure of what bet works where, hover your mouse over the board and a box will appear. This box will explain the available bet in that area. if it is a bet you would like to place, then click to place a chip. If it isn’t, then simply move the mouse and the box will disappear.

Deutsches Roulette

Camera views and statistics

There are three different camera views, all of which can be accessed by clicking on the “camera” icon at the top right of the screen. These three angles will focus on different areas of the room. The Immersive angle concentrates mainly on close ups of the Roulette Wheel itself. The 3D view is a long shot with the croupier at the far end of the shot and the table in the foreground. Finally, the Classic angle is an overhead view. This view is also the only camera angle that shows up previous game history.

This game history includes previous winning numbers, and numbers that have not won for a while. Clicking on the dots at the top right will also show you previous game percentages. These include the percentages that the ball has landed in the first, second or third, dozen. it also shows the percentages that the ball has landed on a red or black number and an odd or even number. You can use these stats to help you decide where to place your chips.

If you are a German speaking player looking for a busy Live Online Roulette room, then this could be for you. If you would like to know more, then click here to visit Mr Green Casino. If you are a new player, they might have a New Player Welcome Offer for you. Remember that all New Player offers anywhere are subject to T&C’s so read up before you deposit.

However, if you would prefer to see what other tables are on offer at Mr Green then simply click here to go to our dedicated Mr Green Casino gaming table hub.

As they say in Germany – “Viel Gluck!” (Good Luck!)