French Roulette Gold from Unibet- your How To Play guide

French Roulette Gold from Unibet- your How To Play guide

Learn how to play French Roulette Gold from

French Roulette Gold is like any other Live Roulette game but with one main difference. The “La Partage” rule tips the odds slightly in your favour!

If you have played Roulette before, you may be aware that most of the bet types have French names. This is because Roulette was invented in France in the 18th Century.

If you find a table offering the “La Partage” rule, then you should prioritise it. The rule gives you a very slight advantage over other tables as it offers an extra payout. This one does – so you should play it!

What is the “La Partage” rule?

Translated into English, La Partage simply means “The Divide”. The bet is only available for one particular type of bet – bets that pay out at 1:1. These particular bets are as follows:

  • Red or Black
  • Odd or Even
  • High or Low (1-18 or 19-36)

All these bets can be found running down the side of the main gaming table

Normally, if you bet on one of the above wagers, and the ball lands on Zero, then you lose your bet. However, with La Partage if the ball lands on Zero then you will win half of your money back. This rule actually increases your chances of winning by 1.35%. That might not seem like much, but an advantage is an advantage after all, so take it if its available!

French Roulette player advantage bonus

Screen Layout

As you can see from the above screenshot, the dealer operates in a room with other games going on. I liked this as it made the whole experience feel more “real”. The chat facility is very busy – obviously everyone likes to play with the House at a disadvantage! When I was in this room there were a lot of players – obviously all attracted by that extra winning edge you can get.

All the information that you need to inform you of your betting choices are clearly available. Tables show you recent winning numbers, numbers that havent won for a long time, and other general stats and information.

You can also hover your mouse over certain parts of the table. This will open up a little box that explains in more depth the type of bet that is available.

You can start playing this table at £1 per chip. Remember that you can play as many chips as you like per spin. You can also place as many different bets as you want per spin. Remember that each chip placed will cost you £1 so placing 10 chips in a variety of bets will cost you 10.The maximum chip size if £10,000 (just in case you recently won the lottery…)

the French Roulette Gold table is a popular version of Live Online Roulette with a lot of users. If you think that playing with a extra edge over the house is for you, then simply click here to start playing.

However, if you would prefer to see what other types of table are available at then click here to go to our main Unibet hub.