Live Dealer Dansk Roulette from Mr Green – your How To Play guide

Live Dealer Dansk Roulette from Mr Green – your How To Play guide

Live Dealer Dansk Roulette, as its name suggests, is a Roulette table that is dedicated to Danish players. Because of this, the table is only in operation at certain times, and is not always available.

When you go into this Live Roulette room, you immediately notice a Lightly decorated room. Oddly, unlike the Svensk Roulette room, which is themed in the colours of its countries flag, the Dansk one isnt. In fact it looks like the Danish Roulette players have stormed the Swedish Room and taken it over such is the colouring of the decor!.

The croupier, unlike a lot of the other tables that have live dealers at Mr Green sits quite far from the camera.Unlike other rooms there is only one camera angle available, foccussing mainly on the table in the foreground. The croupier is further back in shot.

Live Roulette

Wagering and Gameplay

The minimum chip value for the Dansk Live Roulette table is 50p, pretty reasonable at Mr Green and about average. There are other rooms that have a 20p or even 10p base chip value and with a lot of Danish people fully fluent in English as a second language they may prefer to use those rooms. However, if you prefer playing your native tongue, then this room is for you. Interestingly the chat room is also in English.

The room follows the usual Roulette rules. Decide which number the ball will land on and then use that decision to place your chips. You can place chips in many ways to cover off more than one number if you want. You can also place more than one type of bet per spin, and more than one chip per bet. Remember though that each chip is valued at £1, so betting 20 chips in a variety of wagers will cost you £20.

The table itself is clear and easy to navigate. If you are unsure of any section of the table hovering your mouse over the area will open a box. This box will explain the betting options available in that space. Interestingly the box instructions are also in English!

If you like the look of the Dansk Live Roulette table and would like to play, the just click here to visit Mr Green and sign up

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