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Live VIP Roulette -what separates a casual player from a VIP player? In the case of this table its very simple – money. The minimum chip value in this room is a considerable £2 per chip. Additionally the maximum value is an eye watering £10000 per chip. This table is not for casual players. The minimum bet is 20x higher than you will find at the Live Auto Roulette table!

So, if you’re wagering more, then you’ll be playing in a nicer room yes? Well, not really. The room and table are standard for the casino, although there is a touch that makes it different from others.

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As you can see from the screenshot above, there are other people in the room. I like this, as staring at a wheel and croupier can get boring. Now you can have a look in the background and see what other people are up to. It also makes this table feel like you are in a real casino -it feels a little busier.

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General gameplay and controls

As with all Roulette games, you are betting your chips on the likelihood of where the ball stops. Depending on the type of bet that you place, the winning number can have a variety of payouts. These range from an “evens” bet for betting it will be a red or black number, through to 35x (plus your bet back) if you get the exact number. For all the wagering options, click here to see our “How To Play” guide.

If you are serious about Live Roulette and have the budget to do so, then this table is for you. With chip limits this high please remember not to go crazy and chase any losses – Roulette should be fun. And when the fun stops – stop!

To play at this Live VIP Roulette table, simply click here to join up now. If you prefer to see what other tables are provided by then click here to see our guide to all the tables offered by