Lightning Roulette from Grosvenor Casino – your How To Play guide

Lightning Roulette from Grosvenor Casino – your How To Play guide

Learn how to play this exciting twist on Roulette from Grosvenor Casino

Lightning Roulette Online is a brilliant addition to the standard Online Roulette offering. It has fast become my favourite way to play Online Roulette and is more of the more entertaining variants available online.

So why is it so good? And why should you play?

It plays just like standard Online Roulette. But better. Way better. Place your chips on the areas or numbers of the board where you think the ball will stop. So far, so good. However, there is one major (and quite exciting) addition to the game.

On each round of the game, the board will randomly boost up to five separate numbers (including the zero). These numbers will be boosted up to between 50x and 500x your bet. So if you get the right number on a Lightning Boosted round, you could be in for some serious winnings!

The Lightning Roulette playing screen

PLay Lightning Roulette online

By using computer graphics the game is clearer and easier to play. These graphics show the boosted numbers and all the multipliers. Its really easy to see what it happening on screen, which helps the game play massively. The dealer will pull a switch and the numbers will appear on the wall behind them. They will become electrified and spin up to their Boosted Value. its a really nice touch, and one you will enjoy seeing! the numbers on the gaming table will react he same way.

The whole game is designed to be more engaging, so the Croupier is a lot more animated and talkative. The Croupier will talk you through everything that is happening and generate more excitement for the round. This is more like a game show version of Live Roulette. That’s not a bad thing by the way – its fun!

Lightning Roulette online

The graphics also clearly show which numbers in each round are boosted and by how much. This is also reflected on the game table at the bottom of the screen to make it easy to see. The little details like this add a lot to the game itself.

Wagering and gameplay

Note that the Boosted numbers only attract their boost value if you selected that number only. Having your number win in a chip bet that covers off more than more number will not attract the Boost.

The minimum chip value in this room is 20p, which is a good entry level and allows you to play multiple chips without draining your balance. If you feel bullish, you can set your chip value up to £2000 per chip. You’ll probably have needed to win the lottery first though!

Also, remember that you are playing “per chip” and not “per spin”. So if you are playing 5 chips per spin at 20p per chip, your total wager will be £1.

You can use stats to help you see how the table is performing. These can be really handy to see, as they will show you the history of the previous spins. The history includes which numbers the ball has landed on, the colour and the range of numbers. Click the camera icon at the top of the game screen to access the statistics. This will change the game view, but will also allow you to see the stats.

All usual Online Roulette bets are supported in this game, and there is a section to allow you to save your favourite bets as well. Very handy!

If you would like to play Lightning Roulette from Grosvenor Casino then why not click here to join the Casino. Or if you prefer to check out the other tables that Grosvenor operate then just click here to go to our Grosvenor Casino dedicated table hub.